Who we are

Why We’re Perfect for Each Other

We’re a team of professionals you can count on to be in the trenches with you everyday. People who can think, solve, plan, create and execute beyond the boundaries of “good enough,” always in pursuit of “Insanely Great” work that gets results.

Jeff Thompson

Head Dude (He thinks)

Jeff Thompson is a co-founder and partner of T2H Advertising. Where most professionals excel in one or two areas of expertise, Jeff is highly adept in many including strategic marketing; brand development ...

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Kristin Thompson

Head Dudette (She knows)

Kristin Thompson is a co-founder and partner of T2H Advertising. She works closely with the firm’s clients in marketing communications planning, budgeting, implementation ...

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Tim Parry

Associate Creative Director / Luddite

Tim has been called the resident Luddite. And after he looked it up, he is okay with that.

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Rita Fisher

Office Manager / Vinnie's Cousin

Rita began her career on the west coast working for a Beverly Hills accounting and business management firm ...

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Katie Riley

Humble Genius / Only Drinks Milk & Water

Katie enjoys new challenges and is always looking to learn, so much so that she has earned two bachelor degrees...

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Nicole Romano

Master of All Things / Gluten-Free Evangelist

Nicole Romano has been in the advertising industry for over 17 years. Advertising wasn’t her “Plan A” career. Instead, she had planned to use ...

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