We started T2H Advertising 17 years ago to deliver a level of commitment, accountability, transparency, quality, and service to help businesses effectively connect in an authentic, inspired, and meaningful way with their customers. 

Over the years, we've kept it small and kept it real. We're problem solvers who know how to develop and execute marketing strategies efficiently and cost-effectively to reach business goals. We're experienced with a proven track record of creating and communicating the right message to the right audience. And, we'll track, evaluate and analyze results to make sure we're delivering for your business. Below are the services we offer. 


It’s not a logo and a tagline. It’s the soul of your business.

There’s an old saying that goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” We are masters of this fine art called branding, providing just the right mix of corporate design and messaging to help your business make a good first impression the first time. It’s a lot more than the symbol at the bottom of your ad or on the back of your brochure. And it's really just a start. Your brand encompasses everything you do...from the way you answer the phone to the vibe of your professional space, everything.


Website Development

A great website is a complex creation with a simple purpose.

It’s a mandate. If you want to run a successful business today, you need a website. A real website, not just a page or two taking up space on the internet. You need something fully interactive and robust with thoughtful and well-written content. That’s what we do. We have the design and writing skills to draw your customers in. We have the organizational expertise to present what you have to offer in a logical way. And we have the coding chops to make it intuitive, functional, and REALLY easy for you to update and change as your business changes for years to come. 


Search Engine Marketing

Just because you built it, doesn't mean they'll come.

You can have an awesome website, but if you're not driving people interested in what you have to offer to it, well, it's not doing you much good. Search engine optimization isn't hard, and it doesn't require someone with superpowers to help. In fact, most of you could do it on your own. The question is, do you have the time to learn the nuances of it, do it, and monitor it week in and week out? If you're looking for someone to help expand your visibility online through search engine optimization and/or Google Ads, we can help.


Email Marketing

The oldest form of digital advertising is still effective.

Nothing works like good, ‘old-fashioned’ email when it comes to your business' bottom line. Experts say it’s the most effective (and purists say it’s the only) form of digital advertising. It seems so straightforward and simple, but there are many traps and pitfalls that can keep your message from being all that it can be. T2H has the expertise to create, test, send, and track email campaigns that connect with your customers effectively across all email clients.


Social Media Marketing

The closest thing to picking up the phone & talking to your customer

We love when a business embraces social media. When posts are thoughtful and authentic, this medium can help customers relate to your business in a way no other marketing platform can. Make no mistake, the name of the game here is engagement. It sounds easy enough, but it's more challenging than you might think. We'll be here to help you craft your social media strategy and help you execute it effectively if needed.


Media Planning

Great placement means more bang, less bucks.

Media options were confusing enough 10 years ago. Today, with new forms and formats appearing like mushrooms after a rainstorm, they can be downright intimidating. T2H can cut through the clutter and find the proper combination to get your message to your customer with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


Creative Campaign Development

Where big ideas are turned into bigger results.

A great campaign is like a great movie – many different ideas and inspirations coming together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Being able to create effective campaigns is one of the hallmarks of a great agency. And over the years, we’ve created more than our share. Like the master carpenter, we use all the tools in our toolbox to deliver a campaign that is as unique as your business.



A good brochure lets your customers hold your business in their hands.

Today, some think it traditional, conventional, even a little stodgy. Experience has shown us the opposite. Many times, it can actually help seal the deal between you and your customer. Our award-winning design and copywriting can transform the humble brochure into a creation that is informative, emotional, and dare we even say it, sexy. And when combined with sound marketing strategies and tactics as part of an integrated marketing plan, the payoff can be huge.



They might be little things, but they can make a big difference.

Collateral materials have been around for generations for this simple reason – they work! They’re difficult to classify. They could be anything from flyers and stickers to corporate reports and landing pages. They can sometimes be the difference between being first and an also-ran in your customer’s buying decision. When those ‘sometimes’ arise, it’s comforting to have an effective piece of collateral at your disposal that is worthy of your business.



Let’s put your message out there – on the street, in the store, on the showroom floor.

Farmers say, “You gotta put the hay down where the goats can get it.” To us, that sounds a lot like what a good display does. We take pride in putting the ‘hay’ down in a fun, friendly and exciting way that can increase interest, traffic and ultimately, sales.



Great outdoor advertising can make your business larger than life.

Outdoor advertising gets a bad rap sometimes. We’ve all heard it. "It’s old." "It’s not that effective." "It’s an eyesore." Well, we beg to differ. Yes, it is old. It got that way because it works. People have been driving cars down roads for a long time. It also has a tremendous impact when done properly with a strong, legible message and unmatched marketing savvy (that’s the way we do everything around here). And finally, at T2H, we don’t do eyesores. That’s a promise!



You could say we know our way around.

From airports to municipal buildings and public spaces, there’s plenty of territory out there where people can get lost. T2H can help them find their way and in the process, give you a happier customer, guest, or visitor. We have the expertise and experience to iron out even the most labyrinthine buildings and help turn them into more friendly, inviting and pleasant places to be.


OTT, Broadcast & Cable

Nothing says ‘you’ve arrived’ more than TV.

Other than a year of record profits, nothing else says you’ve made it more than hearing “I saw you guys on TV!” And as effective as it is when used properly, profits are usually not far behind. We can help you sort through whether TV is right medium for your business.


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