About T2H

June 14, 2004.

Remember that date. That’s when a new kind of chemistry was introduced to the world. The kind of chemistry that builds strong bonds between agency, client and customer. The kind of chemistry you’ll find at T2H Advertising. Like all great discoveries, it looks so simple in hindsight. The T2H mission statement reads more like a manifesto of common sense. No ad bull or marketing techno-babble, just great work that gets results in a time when results are at a premium.

In the beginning, we sat down over some greasy takeout from Hot Wing Express (because that’s the best catalyst for brainstorming). There, we laid down our philosophy in the company “Want List.” The beauty of this list is that everyone wins – us and especially our clients. You’ll be able to see it in action on the following pages containing our best work.

T2H Want List (6/14/2004)

  • We want to come into the office each morning knowing we are about to create the best work we've ever done.
  • We want our clients to feel like we are as immersed in their business as they are.
  • We want to build strong relationships that transcend business.
  • We want to be known as one of the hottest shops on the East Coast.

So why is T2H right for you?

  • Value. We deliver big agency results without big agency bills.
  • Nimble. We can act and react quicker than larger shops, and you can always reach us.
  • Access to senior talent. There is no “B-Team” at T2H. You get our best effort from our best people every day.
  • Transparency and accountability. There are no bureaucratic layers at T2H. Even the principals answer the phone here!
  • Creative thinking. We’re all about creative ideas to solve challenging problems.

We love what we do and it shows.

What They Say About Us