Tim Parry

Associate Creative Director / Luddite

Tim has been called the resident Luddite. And after he looked it up, he is okay with that. It’s not that he has forsaken everything invented after 1980 – he has a DVR and even knows how to use it – he just refuses to toss out the old in favor of the new. As a result, his shelves are as interesting as a thrift store during the holidays. They’re packed with the newest and oldest of toys, the unabridged works of Ernie Kovaks on VHS (you heard right, V-H-freakin’ S), and every vintage New York Art Directors Annual he could lay his hands on. All of this raw material helps provide the kind of ideas that T2H is famous for. Tim knows, as does everyone else at T2H, that great ideas can be part of the latest trend or something your grandparents thought were the ‘bee's knees.’ In other words, everything is on the table.

Tim has been a steadfast participant in the industry for 30+ years. He worked his way through the creative ranks from Davis Advertising to LHWH on such diverse accounts as HTC , Burroughs & Chapin, Texas Instruments and Maxfli. Tim brings a wealth of print, radio and TV experience to T2H. He is always positive, upbeat and ready to tackle any project. There are no problems, only solutions. Tim is originally from Tennessee and a huge, but somewhat stymied Vols fan.